Martin A. Schmidt became the 19th President of Rensselaer on July 1, 2022. Formerly, the provost of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Schmidt was MIT’s senior academic and budget officer, with overall responsibility for the Institute’s educational programs, as well as for the recruitment, promotion, and tenuring of faculty. As provost, he worked closely with MIT’s deans to establish academic priorities, and with other members of the Institute’s senior team to manage financial planning and research support.

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Martin A. Schmidt
President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

The Honorable Patrick Madden JD, Mayor of Troy
Member, Rensselaer Board of Trustees

John D. Bennett, MD, FACC, FACP

John M. Capek, B.S. ’83, M.E. ’84, M.E. ’85, MBA ’87, Ph.D. ’88

Roy N. Davis '78

Wanda Denson-Low ’78, JD, Vice Chair of the Board

Gary T. DiCamillo ’73, MBA

Arthur F. Golden ’66, JD, Chair of the Board

David M. Hirsch ’65, MBA

David Ho '86

Mary Humiston, MBA '90

Linda Pitzi Jojo ’87, ’92G

John E. Kelly, III ’78G, ’80PhD, D.H.L. (Hon.)

Jeffrey L. Kodosky '70

Mark M. Little ’82 PhD

Kathryn I. Murtagh, Esq. '87

Dr. Roderic I. Pettigrew, M.S. '72

Daniel Pickett, III ’90

Curtis R. Priem ’82, Secretary of the Board

Janet C. Rutledge ’83, MS, PhD

Paul J. Severino ’69

Paula L. Simon ’68, MS, MBA

Srinivasan “Siva” Sivaram ’85G ’86PhD

Jackson P. Tai ’72, MBA

T.J. Wojnar Jr. ’80

Edward J. Zander ’68, MBA

Cornelius J. Barton '58, '63G, '66PhD

Thomas R. Baruch '60, JD

Robert P. Bozzone '55, MS

John H. Broadbent Jr. '59, MBA

George Campbell Jr., PhD, D.Sc. (Hon.), D.H.L. (Hon.)

The Honorable Arthur J. Gajarsa ’62, MA, JD

Michael E. Herman ’62, MBA, PhD (Hon.)

Nancy S. Mueller, BS

Linda S. Sanford '75

G. Robert Tod '61

Frank Fischer ’64, ’65G

John Nigro, D.H.L. (Hon)

Craig A. Cook
Secretary of the Institute and General Counsel

Graig Eastin
Vice President, Institute Advancement

Prabhat Hajela

Robert Hull
Acting Vice President for Research

Ernie Katzwinkel
Acting Vice President, Administration

John Kolb
Vice President, Information Services and Technology and Chief Information Officer

Peter Konwerski
Vice President for Student Life

Lee McElroy
Associate Vice President & Director of Athletics

Eileen McLoughlin
Vice President for Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Curtis Powell
Vice President for Human Resources

Jonathan D. Wexler
Vice President, Enrollment Management

Gary Zarr
Interim Vice President for Strategic Communications and External Relations

Curt Breneman
Dean, School of Science

Evan Douglis
Dean, School of Architecture

Chanaka Edirisinghe
Acting Dean, Lally School of Management

Shekhar Garde
Dean of Engineering

Aric Krause
Dean, Rensselaer at Hartford

Mary Simoni
Dean, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences

Jonathan S. Dordick
Howard P. Isermann Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Professor of Biological Sciences, Special Adviser to the President for Strategic Initiatives Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary Studies

Johannes Goebel
Director, Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center (EMPAC)

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