Rensselaer Forward Committee Participation

I’m writing to announce the formation of the Rensselaer Forward Strategic Planning Committees, and I’d like to thank the chairs, vice chairs, and members for their service on this important initiative. The new Rensselaer Forward Plan, which will guide us for 10 years following our bicentennial in 2024, will address foundational issues across all portfolios and will have significant impact on our future as one university.  

The ideation and engagement stage of the planning will be an important time to solicit ideas and to engage the entire RPI community to ensure that the plan is truly collaborative. Gathering the community’s input throughout the process is critical and will be important in helping us to realize our vision. Please share your ideas for Rensselaer Forward through the new Idea Bank.  

As mentioned in an earlier message, the committees are organized around five themes. Visit the Rensselaer Forward website to learn more about the committees and to view the full list of members.    

Education (Innovative Pedagogy, Living and Learning) 

Chair: Mary Simoni, Acting Provost, Office of the Provost 

Vice Chair: Shayla Sawyer, Professor, ECSE 

Regional Engagement      

Chair: Matthew Ter Molen, Vice President, Institute Advancement 

Vice Chair: Dennis Shelden, Associate Professor, Center for Architecture Science and Ecology

Welcoming and Inclusive Community

Chair: Peter Konwerski, Vice President, Student Life

Vice Chair: Nishtha Langer, Associate Professor, Lally


Chair: Jonathan Dordick, Institute Professor, Office for Research

Vice Chair: Jason Kuruzovich, Associate Professor and Director of the Severino Center, Lally


Chair: Robert Hull, Vice President for Research

Vice Chair: Karyn Rogers, Associate Professor, E&ES

I am really looking forward to working with each of the committees as we carry Rensselaer Forward into its third century. 

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