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Category: University Events
January, 2020
Russell Sage Dining Hall
Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D., President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Welcome, everyone—as we celebrate another successful United Way campaign at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

I am so pleased to see the members of the President’s Cabinet and the Dean’s Council who have joined us for lunch.

We are happy to have with us today from the United Way of the Greater Capital Region

  • President and CEO Peter Gannon of the Rensselaer Class of 2011; 
  • Vice President of Resource Development Jim Mulligan, and
  • Community Relations Manager Katie Nelson.

I thank my co-chairs for helping to lead this campaign: Richie Hunter, Vice President for Strategic Communications and External Relations; Jacqueline Farmer of the Division of the Chief Information Officer; and Nicole Durrick of the Lally School of Management. 

I also thank our campaign coordinators: Brian Woods of the School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences; Kellie Sprecher of the Division of Human Resources; and Bonnie Skarka of the Office of Enrollment.

I want to acknowledge, also, our Steering Committee members:

  • Karyl Contois of the Office of the President;
  • Ethan Coppenrath of DotCIO;
  • Denise Elwell of the Office of the Vice President for Research;
  • Erika Falle of the School of Science;
  • Tracey Leibach of Strategic Communications and External Relations;
  • Lisa Martin of our School of Engineering;
  • Cindy Novak of the Office of the Provost;
  • Sherry Perpetua of the Division of Administration;
  • Tom Roland of the School of Architecture;
  • Shelly Samuels of the Lally School of Management;
  • Francis Sanchez of the Division of Finance;
  • Sachi Vines of Rensselaer Athletics; and
  • Mackenzie Wells of Institute Advancement. 

And I thank every one of our volunteers, who gave so much of themselves—including during the busy holiday season—to help our neighbors.

Your efforts inspired 248 fellow Rensselaer employees to donate an average of $346 each to the United Way, for a total of $85,839.86, so that the United Way can continue its good work to end hunger in our region, to help people to rise above emergencies of different kinds and to find the assistance they need, and to ensure that all of the region’s children are off to a good start.

As you have worked to benefit the United Way, Rensselaer has benefitted, too—including from events that bond us together, as a community. Our third annual “Rensselaer Runs United” 5K footrace raised over $7,000. Our Thanksgiving Feast, and poinsettia and tree sale each raised over $1,000.

New this year were “Dash and Dine” at Paolo Lombardi’s Restaurant, which raised $300, and selling Rensselaer holiday ornaments at the Vendor Fair, which raised over $900 in total.

In all, this year’s campaign, has raised $97,534.33 for the United Way of the Greater Capital Region—truly impressive.

I thank all of you for your energy and kindness—and for all that you contribute to the reputation of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute as a compassionate neighbor. We do focus on changing the world—but we also are a positive force, when it comes to challenges right here at home.