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Senior Banquet

Category: Regional
May, 2019
Albany Marriott Hotel Foyer and Grand Ballroom
Shirley Ann Jackson, Ph.D., President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

I am delighted to host you for your senior banquet, which always is one of the highlights of Commencement season for me.

I want to begin by acknowledging the leaders within a class full of leaders—so please stand and remain standing a moment. Will President Kinsley Rowan, Vice President Collin Williamson, Gift Chairs Stephanie Tan and Stephen Duduch, and all the members of the Class of 2019 Council, Class Representatives, Class Senators, and Associate Members please stand?

I want to thank each of you, and all of you, for your service to Rensselaer and to your classmates. In particular, I thank President Rowan for arranging this lovely evening and the events of last week and of the week to come.

I thank, as well, Class Dean Louis Trzepacz and Assistant Director of Student Activities Maria Roberts for supporting the great Class of 2019—and for steering them to so many wonderful opportunities.

I now introduce Dr. Peter Konwerski, our new Vice President for Student Life, who joined us in January 2019.