Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

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Research Leadership

Research Leadership

The Rensselaer Plan Aim: Lead in key research domains, applying “science to the common purposes of life” (our historic mission).

Faculty Renewal

  • We have strengthened our faculty with over 350 new tenured and tenure-track hires. In total, 85 percent of our faculty is tenured and tenure-track (2016).
  • Reduced student/faculty ratio from 18:1 in Fall 1999 to 15:1 in Fall 2011.
  • Increased the number of women faculty from 52 to 105 — a 102% increase since 1999.
  • Increased the number of underrepresented minority faculty from 52 to 106 — a 104% increase since 1999.
  • Appointed 12 constellation faculty.
  • Have 49 NSF Career Award recipients as part of the Rensselaer faculty.
  • Created Faculty Seed Fund for new research directions.
  • Created Faculty Revitalization Fund for research initiation for new faculty research.



Research Enterprise

  • Created Office of Vice President for Research and appointed Vice President of Research as University Officer.
  • Appointed Associate Vice President for Research/Physical and Engineering Sciences.
  • Appointed Assistant Vice President for Research.
  • Defined focal areas in Biotechnology and Information Technology for strategic investment.
  • Hired first “world-class constellations” of faculty in Biotechnology, IT, and Physics.
    • Filled Future Chips and Tetherless World constellations.
    • Partially filled constellations in Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering, Biocomputation and Bioinformatics, and Physics, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship.



Energy, Environment, and Smart Systems

Biotechnology and the Life Sciences

Media, Arts, Science, and Technology

Computational Science and Engineering

Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials