Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

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  • Launched a Howard Hughes Minority Undergraduate Research Program at Rensselaer in the Center for Biotechnology and Interdisciplinary studies in the summer of 2006.
  • Initiated a collaborative program of EMPAC events and research with faculty and students.
  • Created Faculty Seed Fund for new research directions.
  • Created Faculty Revitalization Fund for research initiation for new faculty research.
  • Grew the number of externally supported research assistants from 218 in FY02 to 328 in FY20.
  • Selected to join the prestigious Web Science Trust Network of Laboratories (WSTNet).
  • Filled Future Chips and Tetherless World constellations.
  • Partially filled constellations in Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering, Biocomputation and Bioinformatics, and Physics, Information Technology, and Entrepreneurship.