The Class of 2020

From the President's Desk

May 5, 2016

To: The Rensselaer Community
Re: The Class of 2020

I am writing to share great news about our incoming freshman class.

As many of you already may have heard, based on unprecedented demand for a Rensselaer education, we will likely enroll the largest freshman class in Rensselaer history. While it is hard to predict the exact number of freshmen who will matriculate in the fall, we expect the class size to be greater than the 1,511 students we had planned to enroll. We will provide more numerical details as we get closer to the start of the fall semester. The quality metrics for the entering class continue to be very strong, and speak to the solid brand recognition that Rensselaer enjoys at the national and international level. Moreover, this also promises to be a class of greater diversity than we have experienced heretofore with respect to ethnic, gender, and geographic diversity.

Preliminary planning already has begun in order to accommodate this much larger class, and to maintain and elevate the quality of our teaching, research, and overall student experience. We will make the necessary adjustments and allocation of resources to ensure that entering students will continue to have the highest quality educational experience, including the residential living and learning experience that is central to our educational approach. Living arrangements for current students will not be impacted by this increase in the freshman class. Upperclassmen who opt to live in Rensselaer housing will have the continued opportunity to do so. We also will ensure that all campus and student support services will have the capacity to handle additional requests that may result from this increase.

The attraction of such a class reflects the hard work of everyone here—especially Enrollment Management, but also our faculty, staff, and students. From organizing open houses in our schools and departments, to giving students a flavor of the clubs and other co-curricular opportunities available at Rensselaer, to showcasing our living and learning environments, the entire campus community came together in a special way to help prospective students to understand the Institute. I wish to thank everyone for the dedicated effort over these past weeks.

Just as student recruitment is a shared responsibility, as we continue our planning, we will share information and seek input from our current students, faculty, and staff.

Let me take this opportunity to thank everyone for his or her commitment and dedication to the Institute. These are the final weeks of classes, and examinations are right around the corner. My best wishes for everyone during this period, and for a productive summer in the months ahead.